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Combi SL Series 4.5 ton - 6 ton

Combi SL Series 4.5 ton - 6 ton


Combi SL Series 4.5 ton - 6 ton

SL Series

This hydrostatic all-wheel drive truck differentiates itself from the traditional sit-down sideloaders by offering operators the opportunity to drive in four directions. The Combilift SL allows companies to have the benefits of narrow aisles, superior maneuverability and the ability to block or bulk stack by driving forwards.

  • Models 4500kg - 6000kg Capacity.
  • Multi-directional Capabilities as standard.
  • Available in LP Gas or Diesel.
  • Ideally suited for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Extensive range of lift heights up to 6.5m.
  • Wide range of custom attachments availabe.

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11th February 2014, 16:01:55
Bob Dagless
We are looking to hire a sideloader to carry 3000kg approx, in door use mainly.

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